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What is a property manager?

Property managers are people who specialize in ensuring that a rental property is being operated according to the guidance given by the landlord. They are hired to manage the maintenance and care of rental properties. His work, among many others, includes marketing and renting the property, qualifying renters, collecting rent, as well as paying property taxes, club house and condominium when required.

What is a property manager?

How does property managers work?

Property managers take care of everything regarding a rented property. They must have a practical knowledge of real estate and local laws, must comply with legal methods to evaluate tenants, handle evictions, comply with property safety standards, as well as knowledge of the market where the property is located.

Responsibilities of a Property Manager:

  1. Setting Rent: Property manager sets competitive rental prices according to the market to attract tenants.

  2. Collecting Rent: The property manager also establishes a system for the collection of the rent, which guarantees optimal cash flow, so that the monthly expenses of the property are paid correctly.

  3. Screening Tenant: Screening and managing tenants is another core responsibility of a property manager.

  4. Property maintenance: The property manager must keep the property in safe and habitable condition. Property managers are responsible for the physical management of the property, including regular maintenance and emergency repairs.

  5. Managing Budget: The administrator must operate within the budget set for the property. However, in emergency situations when tenants or property structure are in danger, they can use their judgment to order repairs.

Property managers must keep records of all income and expenses, inspections, signed contracts, maintenance requests, records and costs of repairs, maintenance, and rental collection statements for accounting purposes.

The property manager works to ensure and maximize the owner's income.


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