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Hurricane season 2020 when it starts and how to prepare

Every year Florida is the target of the cyclone season, therefore, prevention measures are a fundamental part to successfully overcome it.

When does the 2020 hurricane season begin?

According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) the 2020 hurricane season in the Atlantic area begins June 1.

How do we prepare for a Hurricane?

This year we must pay special attention to the hygiene measures that have been given in relation to Covid-19 that will be incorporated into the recommendations issued by NOAA and NWS in the event of a hurricane. Anticipating the arrival of these events:

  • Protect your property: Your goal right now, before a hurricane strikes, is to reduce the risk of damage to structures caused by winds and floods. Know your hurricane risk according to the area where you live, the structure of your home and your personal circumstances. Reinforce doors and windows, check the roof and do the necessary work, check the electrical and support systems such as power plants.

  • Keep your insurance policies current: Keep flood insurance that gives you financial protection for the cost of repairs up to date. Insurance policies do not cover flooding, but flood insurance is available to homeowners, tenants, and business owners through the National Flood Insurance Program. You can also buy wind insurance

  • Stay tuned in: Verify the information from the official organisms National Weather Service (NWS), Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) through its website or through the national media.


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