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Airbnb vacation rental properties

In a city like Miami, known as one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, the possibility that homeowners can rent their properties in the short term is seen as a new form of income, which is why several builders are already developing new projects that offer their buyers the option of renting their apartment without restrictions and whenever they want.

This option, which will even allow the owners of these homes to promote their properties through vacation rental platforms, such as AirBnb, Vrbo or Booking, to name a few, is one of the most discussed trends in the 2020 real estate market.

The AirBnb company that offers tourist accommodation online, offers some recommendations that should be taken into account before deciding to offer your property as a vacation accommodation site, since it is important that you understand the laws of your city to avoid any type of fine.

At the business level, experts in the real estate sector ensure that investing in properties that allow renting without restrictions is an excellent investment, as it will generate significant cash flow.

Recall that, last year, the port of Miami was considered the most important cruise port in the world and one of the reasons is that in just the second week of 2020, more than 42 thousand people entered the port of Miami through cruise ships. This without mentioning the other huge number of tourists we receive by air and land.



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