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Tenants: Emergency Services During COVID-19

Do you know what emergency services should be attended during the pandemic?

It is possible that during this quarantine period there may be problems or damages in some of our equipment in your house, whether they are electrical appliances, air conditioners, broken pipes or leaks among many other less important requirements, but we must determine which are emergency and which are not:

Considered emergency services:

  • Air conditioning.

  • Broken pipes.

  • Filtrations.

  • Appliances: kitchen and fridge.

  • Electric problems.

What the tenant must do:

You should immediately contact the property management or the owner so that they can indicate the procedure to follow , due to all the restrictions put in place by the government, each provider or service company must comply with its security protocols.

It is for this reason that residents must report:

  • someone in your household is currently ill or in quarantine.

  • someone in your home has been in direct contact with someone with the covid19.

The number 1 priority of management companies during this pandemic remains the safety of their owners and tenants.

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